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Weight Loss

Using hypnosis to lose weight

Weight Modification – adjusting your weight to improve your standard of living.

Have you ever thought of any of these? 

  • Dieting is so much effort 
  • I really don’t like this food that I have to eat
  • I still feel really hungry
  • I’m bored I should eat something
  • No matter what I do I just don’t lose weight I should just give up!
  • Exercise is too much effort and it is really boring

Quitting Smoking

Helping smokers of all types to seize control back of your life

Quit Smoking – adjusting your mindset to improve your standard of living.

It is no secret that smoking is very addictive, and for a very good reason, because with every inhalation of a cigarette or one of its smokeless forms,  that puff releases dopamine, the feel good chemical right into the brain.

Quite often we smoke in order to help us to get through a certain situation. It could be stress related, getting a break from a difficult environment, or even sometimes to just pass the time.

Over time the brain begins to make a connection between doing these activities, and linking them with smoking.


Adjusting those unconscious thought patterns to help you enjoy life again

Depression truly is a horrible mental illness to suffer from. You can feel like you have no energy, the activities you once took such pleasure in you no longer enjoy, there is a constant feeling of hopelessness, aches and pains that don’t go away, difficulty sleeping or you just feel like there is no hope at all.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, just know that Andrew can help you, no matter how long you have battled with the burden of depression.

Mindset Coaching

Changing how you think to get what you want

We all have goals and ambitions in our lives, and in order to achieve those goals we have to approach attaining them with a certain frame of mind. It’s quite well documented the power of a positive mindset, but our minds are such tricky and intricate machines that they quite regularly restrain us or block us on a subconscious level from achieving our goals.

There could be a multitude of reasons for these blocks, but quite often we do need to change something in order to get around these blocks

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