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Hypnosis when performed by a skilled and certified practitioner is a safe and pleasant way of putting a client into a state of trance which can be described as heightened state of focused relaxation. Once under trance the mind is more open to suggestion, and then the practitioner will guide the client safely in and out of the trance process after dropping the agreed suggestions in.

Very relaxing and pleasant. The body and mind are completely relaxed but the client is still fully aware of everything that is going on around them. It’s like having a light warm afternoon nap.

Not at all. Your unconscious mind which is the deepest part of your mind, it’s primary job is to keep you safe at all times. If something the practitioner suggests disagrees with something that is being suggested, it will wake you up and bring you back to full consciousness.

Whilst going through the process of guiding someone through trance, you may become so completely relaxed that you fall asleep, but not to worry your subconscious mind is still fully aware of everything that is happening.

Whilst it is true that about 10% of the population is highly susceptible to hypnosis everyone can be hypnotised. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis so in order to be hypnotised you have to want to be hypnotised, a hypnotist regardless of their skill level, they cannot hypnotise someone who doesn’t want to be hypnotised.

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